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Oxford Announces New Bursaries for 100 Poorest Students
After a record £75 Million donation from a former Oxford student and his writer wife, students from low-income families will receive a bursary to reduce fees and help with living costs at the university. The donation effectively means the tuition fees hike will not affect many of Oxford's poorest students. The donation, made by Welsh-American Venture Capitalist, Christ Church College alumnus and former journalist Michael Moritz and his wife, American author Harriet Heyman, with more
Brightside student budget calculator and bright knowledge
Brightside is a national charity which provides free online resources for students, and as a high proportion of you are cash-strapped and love free stuff, we thought it only fair to tell you all about it. Firstly, there's Bright Knowledge, which is full of great advice whether you're planning what to take for Freshers Week, working out which course to choose, or looking for advice about budgeting when you're two terms into your final year and suffering from a severe case of more
Are UK Unis poor Value for Money Compared to the US
It has emerged a large proportion of British students are now looking to the United States for degree courses. According to data compiled by the Fulbright Commission, 30% more British students sat the US college entrance exam last year than in 2008, amounting to 10,000 in total. It is believed the majority of this new curiosity for US institutions comes from the brightest prospective students; those at independent and grammar schools, presumably trying to escape yearly tuition fees of more
Widening Participation for Undergraduates
Not surprisingly, the tripling of tuition fees could be seen as a huge barrier deterring schoolchildren and young adults from transforming their lives by going to university. Schoolchildren in poorer areas may not have even thought about university, some still believe only the well off can afford to better themselves with a degree. And now, given the media uproar invoked by the fees increase, many parents of underprivileged families are simply unaware of the financial more
Barclays Speaks to BIS About Student Loans for Postgraduate Students
Money's rarely an easy subject for postgraduate students, who face high tuition fees without the safety net of a student loan. There's no postgraduate equivalent to the student maintenance loan or tuition fee loan, so if you decide to pursue your studies to postgraduate level, it's up to you to work out how to fund it. This can be discouraging for students without a pile of money to their name (and carrying a considerably large undergraduate debt). Competition for postgraduate more
Getting Funding for Postgraduate Study
If you're planning on progressing to postgraduate study following your undergraduate degree, or you want to change careers and think a postgraduate course is the way to do it, you'll need to look for postgraduate student funding. You probably took out a student loan for your undergraduate degree, but sadly this isn't possible for postgraduate courses. There are lots of sources of funding available for postgraduate students, including grants from research councils, more
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