Barclays Speaks to BIS About Student Loans for Postgraduate Students
Money's rarely an easy subject for postgraduate students, who face high tuition fees without the safety net of a student loan. There's no postgraduate equivalent to the student maintenance loan or tuition fee loan, so if you decide to pursue your studies to postgraduate level, it's up to you to work out how to fund it. This can be discouraging for students without a pile of money to their name (and carrying a considerably large undergraduate debt). Competition for postgraduate more
Getting Funding for Postgraduate Study
If you're planning on progressing to postgraduate study following your undergraduate degree, or you want to change careers and think a postgraduate course is the way to do it, you'll need to look for postgraduate student funding. You probably took out a student loan for your undergraduate degree, but sadly this isn't possible for postgraduate courses. There are lots of sources of funding available for postgraduate students, including grants from research councils, more
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