Full-time Hodgkinson Postgraduate Scholarship

Oxford Brookes University


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Award info

  • Award values:
  • These scholarships contribute a value up to the level of the international student tuition fees towards a full-time Master’s degree for a period of 1 year. The Scholarship Committee may split the scholarship funds available.
  • Award type:
    • Academic excellence
  • Award coverage:
  • Tuition fees
  • Award level:
  • Postgraduate
  • Subject area:
  • Architecture, Building and Planning
  • Number of awards:
  • 2
  • Award duration:
  • 1 Academic years

Application info

  • Nationality:
  • All international, EU, UK only
  • Gender:
  • Both
  • Eligibility requirement:
  • Hodgkinson Postgraduate Scholarship is open to UK/EU and international applicants for Masters Architecture, MA International Architectural Regeneration & Development, MA Development & Emergency Practice, MSc Sustainable Building: Performance & Design). These scholarships contribute a value up to the level of the international student tuition fees towards a full-time Master's degree for a period of one year. The Scholarship Committee may, at its discretion, split the scholarship funds available and offer 3 or more partial scholarships, each contributing a set amount towards the cost of a full-time Master's degree tuition fees for a period of one year. Please ensure you address the Selection Criteria below in your application for this Scholarship. The scholarship committee will review the applicant's personal statement in terms of how their proposed programme of study will promote an understanding of and address at least one of the following: performance monitoring of built environment professionals: Benchmarking of consultant/professional performance has largely been anecdotal until the recent introduction of supply chain management techniques. Today the measurement, review and targeting of performance against comparable/competitor performance are becoming regular features of professional life. However, the measurement of 'professionals' is a cultural issue as well as one of performance, and many continue to resist what have become well used techniques in many areas of business and service provision, project review and 'close-out': Most management procedures require a close-out review to ensure knowledge capture. This simple discipline is not a particularly common feature of UK projects, but should take place to ensure learning and team development amongst built environment professionals. The art and science of close-outs, including facilitation and information gathering to inform discussion, review and dissemination, will become ever more valuable in a knowledge based economy, client drivers: The process of client development and management either in relation to a project or otherwise, is a key skill for any professional. For those working in the built environment, the challenge is to have a clear idea of how to create, build and manage accounts/or relationships, including the cost of starting and or losing a client to both a company and the individual and financial implications: Too often built environment professionals do not have a clear idea of the financial implications and drivers of projects. The emphasis tends to fall on the aesthetic, technical or procedural aspects, however, in practise, meeting and designing to cost parameters, to avoid waste of team effort and frustration due to replication of work, is a key success factor for most professionals.
  • Application details:
  • Applicants must apply for a scholarship at the same time as, or subsequent to, applying for the named Master’s degrees: • Applicants must complete the appropriate Scholarship Application Form (Technology, Design and Environment Postgraduate Scholarship Application Form). Applicants should use one application form only, indicating all scholarships they wish to apply for – applicants must however check their eligibility and required criteria for each. • Scholarship applications must be accompanied and a personal statement in the section provided which must clearly identify: a) why the applicant believes they are deserving of the scholarship: and b) if applying for the School of Architecture Hodgkinson Postgraduate Scholarship, how their intended programme of study will address the scholarship criteria. • The deadline for receipt of a scholarship application is 11.59pm (23:59 GMT) on Friday 15 May 2015 (Tuesday 30 June 2015 for GREAT Britain Scholarships India 2015 applicants) for entry to the programme in September 2015. • The Faculty’s postgraduate scholarships are awards made towards tuition fees only. It is therefore important that applicants clearly identify how they intend to raise the additional funding necessary to cover living costs, travel, textbooks, other ancillary costs and any additional fees, should the tuition fees be higher than the amount of scholarship available. • Applicants failing to comply with these procedures will not be considered for the scholarship.

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