International Accommodation Bursary

University of the West of Scotland


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Award info

  • Award values:
  • Bursary :£1000

    £1,000 deducted from the cost of accommodation in the University's self-catering residences or flats.
  • Award coverage:
  • Accommodation
  • Award level:
  • All
  • Number of awards:
  • All eligible students
  • Award duration:
  • 1 Academic years

Application info

  • Nationality:
  • All international
  • Gender:
  • Both
  • Eligibility requirement:
  • Eligibility: Self-financing overseas (non-EU) students on a full-time programme are eligible to apply for a £1,000 accommodation bursary. The accommodation bursary is a contribution towards the cost of accommodation in the University's self-catering halls of residence or flats and does not apply to private accommodation outside the University. Students will not be entitled to a 'rebate' if they choose to move out of residences. Students must stay in University accommodation for 40 weeks of the academic calendar. The deduction of the £1,000 accommodation bursary is subject to receipt of the application form and all University Terms and Conditions being met by the student. Details of award: The bursary is applied at £500 per trimester for your continuous stay within University accommodation. The bursary is based on payment of student's tuition fees: if tuition fees are paid in full in TR1 then £1,000 will be credited; if 50% is paid then £500 will be credited. Bursaries are subject to all University Terms and Conditions being met.
  • Application details:
  • As an international student, you will receive the International Accommodation Bursary details with your decision letter when you have been offered a place at the University.

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