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  • All
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  • All eligible students
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  • All international, EU
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  • Both
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  • The International Hardship Fund has been set up to provide emergency financial assistance to international students, who find themselves in unexpected financial difficulty, as a result of a significant or unexpected event that could not have been predicted. Students seeking help must demonstrate that they had made adequate arrangements to support themselves and pay their tuition and accommodation fees before they came to University, and that these arrangements have been affected by unforeseen circumstances, or events beyond their control. Applications meriting support might include occasions where a sponsor was suddenly unable to provide support, e.g. a temporary delay in a living cost allowance or where a student unexpectedly and urgently needed to return home for family reasons. However, please note, the fund cannot replace tuition fees or living cost support that the student is expected to have secured before starting the course. If a student's scholarship/funding does not make provision for dependants, the International Hardship Fund will also not be able to assist with these costs. The fund can not be used to meet shortfalls in basic living costs or to pay tuition fees. Students who find themselves in financial hardship due to mismanagement of their finances are also ineligible for support. The International Hardship Fund has been set up with funds donated by alumni and friends of the University to support students at Bristol. Students who receive awards may be asked to provide some feedback on how the Fund has helped them whilst they are a student. Eligible students must be registered with the University of Bristol, be classed as an EU or international student, be a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate student, have started their programme of study with sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living costs and have exhausted all other sources of funding.
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