Isituto Marangoni Scholarships

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Award info

  • Award values:
  • Fees coverage : 30% coverage for 3 years

  • Award type:
    • Academic excellence
  • Award coverage:
  • Tuition fees
  • Award level:
  • All
  • Subject area:
  • Art and Design
  • Number of awards:
  • All eligible students
Application info

  • Nationality:
  • All
  • Gender:
  • Both
  • Eligibility requirement:
  • In order to submit the scholarship application, candidates will need to: register on the Istituto Marangoni scholarship website; upload their own “dream” (see below); submit the application(s) in the dedicated website area, including all the necessary documents. Each candidate can submit only one application in a designated School. Participation in the selection is free of charge. No extra costs will be charged other than those deriving from the candidate’s internet network connection for accessing the service, which are the responsibility of the user. Istituto Marangoni assumes no responsibility for events beyond its reasonable control including, without limitation: the access, bar to access, the malfunction and difficulties relating to the technical instruments, the software and the hardware, the transmission and the connection, the data which can bar the candidate from participating in the selection. An indispensable requisite for the participation in this selection is the candidates’ explicit consent to the processing of his/her personal data. About “your dream” and how the platform works Candidates shall present their free-subject creative concept (the dream) through the following: one or more images (.jpg, max size: 2mb per image, minimum dimension: 600 x 400 px), an evocative phrase about the dream (max 100 characters), a profile description (max 800 characters), a candidate photograph (.jpg, max size: 2mb per image, minimum dimension: 720 x 500 px). Istituto Marangoni Scholarship Committee will select the scholarship winners based on the material provided by the candidate as well as the creativity and originality of his/her dream. Upon the validation by a designated Istituto Marangoni moderator, the dream will feature as part of a web gallery presented in a specific section of the site. Therefore, the dreams will be public, they can be shared on social networks and voted (liked) on the website. In any way will the voting affect the judgement of the Scholarship Committee, as scholarship eligibility criteria are only based on merit. Candidates who qualify for a scholarship will be reported on the public “Winners” web gallery. Materials submitted may not contain people and/or images and/or contents which are or could be considered offensive, illegal and/or immoral, nor sexually suggestive materials which promote, also potentially, offensive, profane, violent, obscene, or hate speech based upon the race and/or sex of an individual or group. The rights of use for iconographic materials are considered property of the Candidate. All accompanying texts in the project (the profile description and the phrase which summarises dreams and expectations) shall be written in English. Content in any other language will not be made visible. Istituto Marangoni reserves the right to exclude from participation to the initiative candidates who submit materials which do not comply with the Regulation.
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