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Postgraduate Award

  • Award Value:
    Bursary :£500 for 1 year

  • Award Criteria: Income related
Award info: You may be eligible for a bursary if you are: A full time EU student; Your .. read more
Postgraduate Award

  • Award Value:
    Bursary :£1000

Award info: Merit Based Partial Scholarships of £1,000 available for international .. read more
Undergraduate Award

  • Award Value:
    Bursary :£2000

    Full time undergraduate students will receive an overall benefit of £2,000 in the first year of undergraduate study. If you're a part time student who qualifies for the Programme this will be a pro-rata amount of £2,000
  • Award Criteria: Academic excellence Income related Disability
Award info: To be eligible to apply for a scholarship you must have a household income .. read more