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Doctoral Award

  • Award Value: £250 is awarded to the student who attains the highest examination results at the end of the first semester (Year 1).
  • Award Criteria: Music
  • Award Subjects: Performing Arts
Doctoral Award

  • Award Value: Bursary provides a tuition fee loan of up to £9,000, a maintenance loan of up to £6,500 and an additional bursary of a further £750 to low income families. Students from Scotland can apply for a Bursary of up to £2,150.
  • Award Criteria: Academic excellence Disability
Award info: UK undergraduate students, Available to students of all subjects and you .. read more
Doctoral Award

  • Award Value: full £3,000 value of the scholarship will be paid in the first year of study
  • Award Criteria: Academic excellence
Award info: BG will receive funding from government equivalent to 44 scholarships in .. read more