Sports Excellence Awards

University of Winchester


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Award info

  • Award values:
  • £4000 over a 3 year course, the student will recieve £2000 of the award in their first year and £1000 in their second and third year
  • Award type:
    • Sport Scholarship
  • Award coverage:
  • Varies
  • Award level:
  • Undergraduate
  • Subject area:
  • Sciences: Pure and Applied
  • Number of awards:
  • All eligible students
  • Award duration:
  • 3 Academic years

Application info

  • Nationality:
  • UK only, EU
  • Gender:
  • Both
  • Eligibility requirement:
  • Recipients of the Sports Awards will be expected to contribute to a University Sports Team. Normally, this would involve being an active member of that team but where performance at a higher level prevents, the student will be expected to train, coach and advise University Sports Teams. Applications will be considered by the Excellence Awards Committee. For Sports Awards, the committee will be made up of 1 member of Student Finance, 1 Academic from the Department of Sports and the Student Union, Full Time Elected Officer responsible for Sports. All sport Excellence will be considered.

Awards from this institution

National Scholarship Programme 2013-14
The award will be in the form of a fee waiver applied across the 3 years: £3000 in year 1, £1500 in year 2 and £1500 in year 3. for 3 Academic years
Try It and Do It Awards
Try It awards offer small amounts of funding of up to £500; Do It awards are for up to £5000, with an average award size of £2500 for 1 Academic year
Fee Waivers
Varies per year for 3 years Dependent on household income, up to £6,750 over 3 years for 3 Academic years
King Alfred Scholarship
£1750 per year for 1 Academic year
Bursaries for Non-ITT courses
Cash bursary of £500 per year. for 3 Academic years
Academic Achievement Award
3 levels of award, based on your entry grades. Those levels are: £2,000 per year and entry to the Winchester Scholars Scheme, £1000 per year and entry to the Winchester Scholars Scheme and £1000 per year for 1 Academic year
Helena Kennedy Foundation Bursaries
£500 a year for three years of study for 3 Academic years
Subject Scholarships
1000 for 1 Academic year