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Award info

  • Award values:
  • Bursary :£500 for 3 years

    This bursary will be paid in two instalments on the following dates: 50% on 18th March 2016 and 50% on 31st May 2016.
  • Application deadline:
  • 01-Jun-16*
    *This is the last application deadline supplied by the provider for this award, we are currently working on updating this information.
  • Award type:
    • Hardship/poverty scholarship
  • Award coverage:
  • Tuition fees
  • Award level:
  • Undergraduate
  • Number of awards:
  • All eligible students
  • Award duration:
  • 1 Academic years

Application info

  • Nationality:
  • EU, UK only
  • Gender:
  • Both
  • Eligibility requirement:
  • To meet the eligibility criteria for the University of Northampton Bursary in 2015/16 students must: Commence their undergraduate course in 2015/16; Be a home or EU student; Be paying tuition fees of £9,000 in 2015/16; Have made arrangements to pay their fees, either by loan, or by their own, their parents or another sponsor and adhered to the payment arrangement; Have a household income of £25,000 or less per year; Be enrolled and attending as a full time student on a BA, BSc or PGCE course; Be eligible for student support under UK student support regulations. To qualify for a 50% bursary payment on 18th March 2016, students must be fully enrolled and attending their course on the first day of term two and liable for 50% of their fees at this point. To qualify for the second 50% bursary payment on 31stMay 2016, students must be fully enrolled and attending their course at the start of term three and liable for 100% of their fees at this point. Students who have withdrawn from their course before these dates will not receive the relevant 50% payment.
  • Application details:
  • The deadline for being assessed for a bursary for the academic year 2015/16 is 1st June 2016.

Awards from this institution

The Chancellor's Fund
per year for 1 year only The Chancellor's Fund is a bi-annual fund providing students and staff with awards of between £100 and £1,500.​ for 1 Academic year
Wilson Endowment Scholarship
1500 If successful, students will receive three once yearly payments of £500, one for each year of study.
Sir Thomas White Scholarship
4500 Students will be paid in three separate payments of £1,500.
High Achievers Scholarship
2000 AAB+ - £2,000 cash payment for first year of study only and ABB - £1,000 cash payment for first year of study only.
The International Scholarship
2000 Successful students currently receive a reduction of up to £2000 on their tuition fees for the duration of their course. for 1 Academic year
The Northampton Santander Masters Scholarships
5000 This University awards five scholarships per year which are worth £5,000 in the form of a discount in tuition fees. for 1 Academic year
The Max Engel Memorial Bursary
1500 The Max Engel Memorial Bursary is currently £1500 and may be awarded to one student or, exceptionally, it may be divided between two or more students.